Chinese Herbs

Introduction to Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs

Chinese herbs have  a history of over two thousand years  and many of the original herbal text books are still in existence today. The science of Chinese herbal medicine developed throughout the centuries largely from trial and error of the physicians and the experiences  then passed down to next ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Constipation during Pregnancy

Fresh fruit and Chinese herbs can help for constipation during pregnancy

Many women who never have had constipation can then experience it during the course of their pregnancy. The hormones progesterone and oestrogen have an effect on smooth muscle such as the intestines making the bowels sluggish. The common advice is to drink more water but some women may already be ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs for desert

Stewed Pear with Fritillaria

In our continuing series of posts of using Chinese herbs in cooking, we ask Albert Zhang, a New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists member practicing  in Auckland, to provide us a nice tasting recipe for a Chinese herbal desert. The challenge of course for Albert  is not that it only tastes good but ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs for dinner

Sha Shen (glehnia root)- One of Albert Zhang's favorite Chinese herbs used in his cooking feats

In our continuing series of posts on Chinese herbs for food, we have one simple suggestion from Albert Zhang for a dish to accompany the evening meal. It is called Stew of Duck with Sha Shen. Sha shen is a Chinese herb known for its tradition to nourish the yin. In particular it promotes the ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs for lunch

Albert Zhang and Professor Gao Li Shan

The Acupuncture Clinic consulted with Albert Zhang of Auckland as to what is a nice tasting Chinese herb soup that could be eaten at lunch and something that is good for you too. Chinese herbs when taken as medicine do have the reputation of tasting bitter and people rarely like the taste of them ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs for breakfast

Black rice breakfast

Many people inquire at The Acupuncture Clinic about what they could have for breakfast that is healthy. According to traditional Chinese medicine principles, there are many foods that could be eaten at breakfast and this is just one example. All the ingredients can be obtained easily and ... Continue Reading >>

Tong Ren Tang 同仁堂 – One of the oldest Chinese medicine companies now sets up in Auckland

The opening of Tang Ren Tang in Auckland

One of the oldest Chinese medicine companies, Tong Ren Tang, has now set up 4 new branches of its worldwide chain of Chinese herb shops in Auckland. There was a grand opening on Saturday 27th September and the ribbon was cut by George Andrews, well known New Zealand documentary producer and film ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Amenorrhoea

Women can still experience abdominal pain with amenorhoea

Amenorrhoea is when there is an absence of a  menstrual period and this gynecology  condition is divided into two types. Primary amenorrhoea, which  is when no period has arrived by 16 -18 years of age and secondary amenorrhoea, which is when there has been no period for more than 3 months. In ... Continue Reading >>

Kiwiseng- New Zealand Ginseng !

Kiwiseng- New Zealand Ginseng

You have heard about Chinese Ginseng and you have heard about American Ginseng as well as no doubt probably also heard about Siberian Ginseng. But have you heard of Kiwiseng- New Zealand Ginseng!! Ok, now that I have got your attention, I have a confession to make. I made up the name Kiwiseng.  But, ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese Herbs for Ulcerative Colitis


Ulcerative Colitis is regarded as an autoimmune disease that inflames the large intestine causing ulcers and diarrhea mixed with blood. There is no known cause and anti-inflammatory drugs or cortico-steroids are mostly prescribed. The World Journal of Gastroenterology recently reported the ... Continue Reading >>