Pregnancy and Women's Health

Acupuncture for Insomnia during Pregnancy


Women who may have suffered from insomnia prior to becoming pregnant can sometimes experience that the problem becomes worse during pregnancy and other women may experience sleeping disturbances for the first time. Stress can be a common causative factor leading to sleeping problems and research has ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs and Acupuncture for Late Periods

Chinese herbs and acupuncture can help treat late periods

Late periods are by the medical definition late when they are longer than 30 days between cycles and in some instances can be 40-50 days late. If there is just one late cycle, it is not regarded as a problem but if the cycles are late for more than 3 cycles, then treatment should be ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Constipation during Pregnancy

Fresh fruit and Chinese herbs can help for constipation during pregnancy

Many women who never have had constipation can then experience it during the course of their pregnancy. The hormones progesterone and oestrogen have an effect on smooth muscle such as the intestines making the bowels sluggish. The common advice is to drink more water but some women may already be ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture or HRT ?

HRT can cause strokes and increase cancer risk

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute in September 2013 has revealed that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer by 24%. The purpose of prescribing HRT is to prevent heart disease and strengthen bones as post-menopausal women can suffer from brittle and weak bones. Unfortunately the ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

Acupuncture can help pregnancy-induced hypertension

Another name for pregnancy-induced hypertension is called gestational hypertension and from a medical view occurs after 20 weeks without the presence of protein in the urine. This condition is reasonably common and can affect up to 8% of women. If the condition develops protein in the urine and ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Vaginal Itching and Discharge

Acupuncture can relieve vaginal itch and discharge

It is regarded as normal for women to have a thin, milky white, odourless discharge. It is also normal for the discharge not to itch. Once any discharge becomes thick and unpleasant with pain or itching, tests can be had to determine if it from a sexually transmitted disease or if is thrush. Thrush ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Fatigue during Pregnancy

Acupuncture helps fatigue during pregnancy

Tiredness during pregnancy usually occurs in the first trimester and again in the last trimester. Even though to experience tiredness  during pregnancy is common, it should not be regarded as being normal. This is  because from a Chinese medicine point of view, fatigue during pregnancy is regarded ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Stress Incontinence

A sneeze can trigger stress incontinence

Stress incontinence affects mainly women and can occur after childbirth and menopause. It is thought that the lowered estrogen levels causes lower muscular pressure around the urethra causing small amounts of urine leaking out during laughing, coughing or sneezing. Incontinence also affects some ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Oedema during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help oedema during pregnancy

In traditional Chinese medical diagnostic terms, oedema during pregnancy will have a different cause depending where the swelling is located. In addition, other symptoms accompanying the oedema will also have a bearing as to what the root cause of the problem may be. For instance, swelling of the ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for a Baby Magpie

Amanda and Cam Ward with their baby Magpie, William.

Amanda Ward gave birth to a beautiful baby boy William on the 6/1/14. Her husband Cam Ward, a former front row forward for the Magpies rugby team, was ecstatic and was last seen going out to buy a pair of small rugby boots. In lead up to her pregnancy, Amanda started having acupuncture with ... Continue Reading >>