2017 Never too late for the year of the Rooster

Just when you thought all the hype from the Year of the Rooster was long and gone, I thought I would reactivate it. After all, there is still at least most of the year to go.What predictions do we have from the various experts?A recurring theme is to not change jobs and that here will be ... Continue Reading >>

2016 The Year of Monkeypuncture

Many patients ask me what significance the Year of the Monkey will have for their health and other life matters such as love, finances and travel. Chinese astrology has historically had a relationship with Taoism, a Chinese philosophy.Taoism is said to have flourished in the Han dynasty starting ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spring is upon us here in the southern hemisphere in New Zealand. It looks as if we could have a real spring ahead of us as we just experienced a real winter with frosts. With Spring comes problems associated with the Liver and if the Liver is vulnerable the immune system can suffer. This is why ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Winter 2015 Newsletter

Here in Napier, we actually had snow  for the first time ever and it was in the last weeks of Autumn!And now that I am writing the Winter newsletter, the weather is actually quite mild. Unpredictable weather is the norm as are unpredictable signs and symptoms affecting our health.Chinese medicine ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Autumn 2015 Newsletter

It seems strange writing a newsletter at the moment about Autumn when here in Napier, New Zealand, we are experiencing such hot weather and there is no sign of Autumn  to be seen anywhere. Of course many patients are saying, "isn't that great!" but in actual fact unseasonable weather actually plays ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Summer Newsletter 2014

Well it is the day before summer in New Zealand here in sunny Hawkes Bay but I still need to wear a jacket to go outside. Let’s hope that I don’t at least have to put the heaters on at work this first week of December. It was a good lead up to summer with the first ever launch of World Acupuncture ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Spring Newsletter 2014

Spring is upon us again which will bring changes and challenges to our health. Traditional Chinese medical physicians advocated that one should live in harmony with the seasons in order to prevent illness and disease. The liver is the most vulnerable organ in the spring time, so try not to over ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Winter Newsletter 2014

It’s hard to believe that winter has actually come to Napier, New Zealand. If it is winter, it is very mild. Having unseasonable weather actually causes problems to our health, even though we might like the idea of having nice warm weather in the beginning of winter. In other instances, where there ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Autumn Newsletter 2014

Autumn is upon us and brings with it new challenges to our health.Chinese medicine theory views that each season poses environmental stresses on specific organs and in autumn it is the lungs and large intestines.Physicians of the past in China also suggested various foods, exercises or ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Summer Newsletter 2013

The Acupuncture Clinic is well and truly into summer. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, depending where you are, you may be experiencing exactly the opposite of what the weather is doing here in Sunny Hawkes Bay right now. The windows in the clinic are open and the flies are annoying the ... Continue Reading >>