About Heiko Lade

Heiko Lade

Mr Heiko Lade, Director of The Acupuncture Clinic in Hastings, became interested in Chinese culture and acupuncture during his last years in high school when he started learning Tai Ji Chuan, Kung Fu and Qi Gong. He started to study  acupuncture when he left school and after finishing his degree, he travelled to China to do an internship working in a hospital in Hangzhou.

First Visit to China 1984

In China Heiko worked under Dr Guo and Professor Lou Bai Cen (1919-1992). Professor Lou Bai Cen was regarded as a living legend because he had been taught by the personal physician to Emperor Puyi, the last Emperor of China.

Early Sydney Years

Upon Heiko’s return to Sydney from China, he started working in Sydney’s Chinatown at the Chinese Ginseng and Herbs Company under the guidance of Dr Kevin Zheng Ping Lu. He spent nearly 15 years working in Chinatown where he accumulated vast hands on experience in the field of Chinese herbal medicine.

Heiko’s Research

Later in his working career, Heiko completed a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese medicine at the Universityof Technology, Sydney. Some of his interest research areas included Multiple SclerosisIrritable Bowel SyndromeDiabetes and Chronic Fatigue. Heiko is also a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and often attends their annual conference and AGM where he likes to stay up to date on the latest acupuncture research and catch up with old colleagues.

Teaching in New Zealand

When he moved to New Zealand in the late 1990’s he also obtained a Certificate of Adult Teaching and taught in the subjects of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Christchurch and Auckland.

Acupuncture and Chinese Culture Interests

He has an interest in the political situation of acupuncture in New Zealand and was formerly the president of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc. Currently Heiko is the secretary of the New Zealand China Friendship Society Inc and travels often to Wellington and Auckland as part of his duties. In addition he has an interest in qi gong and studies under a Qi Gong Master, Ru Yi Gong, in Hong Kong and travels there regularly.

Heiko and Sports Medicine

Heiko’s experience in using acupuncture to treat  sports injuries started when he worked in Sydney’s Chinatown and treated many students of the Kung Fu schools there. He has been endorsed by NZ Institute of Sport and treats many sports people and athletes  including footballers, basket ballers, volley ballers and rowers.

Heiko currently lives in Hawke’s Bay with his wife Irene and daughter Nesta. On most mornings he can be seen frequenting the various local cafes, where he enjoys a long black before starting his day.