Jennifer Lopez uses Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez uses acupuncture for weight loss

OK! magazine has revealed that Jennifer Lopez uses acupuncture for weight loss.  In fact more and more Hollywood film stars are regular patients at acupuncture clinics and seeking treatment for weight loss and facial rejuvenation.

In addition to acupuncture, Jennifer is also taking Chinese herbs including her favorite as she says, dong gua pi, which is known as winter melon seed.

Licensed Californian acupuncturist and herbalist Joey Komada summarized the effects the effects of acupuncture in relation to weight loss. It stimulates endorphins which reduces stress and frustration and thus prevents overeating. Acupuncture can also improve metabolism and hence stimulate proper absorption of nutrients.

Just how much can be lost using acupuncture depends on many factors including the age and constitution of the patient. The health status of the person using acupuncture for weight loss is an important consideration. If there is adrenal exhaustion or gall bladder disease for example, issues like that need to be addressed in conjunction with the acupuncture for weight loss protocol.

                       Jennifer Lopez revealed that she lost 8 kilos with the  acupuncture.

The International Journal of Obesity recently also posted a positive review of acupuncture being beneficial and useful for weight loss and obesity.

Dr Edward Lamadrid from Chicago coordinated a controlled scientific study of acupuncture for weight loss and his results showed that 95% of participants showed significant weight loss over a 6 week period. Patients undertaking the study also found that they had improved levels of energy and increased sense of well being mentally and physically.

Jennifer also reported that she was sleeping better and in fact overcoming insomnia  can also contribute to weight loss. In a report funded by the US National Institute of Health, Dr Katz confirmed that “Improving sleep may be as important to lasting weight control efforts as modifying diet or exercise”

Other film stars such as Sandra Bullock are having cosmetic acupuncture three times a week for facial rejuvenation.

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  1. Hi there,I’m very skeptical about this weightloss acupuncture.I heard that you gain all the weight you’ve lost again.can you please advise me on this.thanks.

    • Its good to be sceptical. Think of it like dieting or doing exercise. When you do them it helps to lose weight and when you stop it creeps back. As we age metabolism slows and we put on weight. Acupuncture doesn’t reverse the ageing process but helps improve and maintain health. Acupuncture tends to help with weight loss more with people who are very overweight because of some severe imbalance as opposed to those who are a bit over weight because of general ageing and lack of exercise and irregular diet. In many instances acupuncture will give a better result more quickly with say an acute back pain than weight loss. So to answer your question, yes you will likely put back on the weight especially if you don’t exercise, eat the wrong foods and get older.

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