Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Workshop: 2017 Auckland Feb 11-12 – with Alan Jansson

Alan Jansson demonstrating scatter needling at his 2016 Auckland workshop

Alan Jansson demonstrating scatter needling at his 2016 Auckland workshop

Alan Jansson returns to New Zealand  for his seventh workshop presentation here !

This practical orientated workshop will be held at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture in Epsom, Manukau Road.

Alan has studied under Ikeda Sensei for over 20 years and runs two very busy and successful practices in Queensland, one on the Gold Coast and the other in Brisbane. A number of students and practitioners have been up skilled by him and now work alongside Alan and all of them use the original traditional acupuncture techniques passed onto Alan by Ikeda Sensei.

The Queensland clinics see a whole range of conditions including fertility issues, sports injuries and internal complaints such as chronic fatigue and he only uses acupuncture and moxibustion  to obtain results.

The workshop is open to new practitioners who have not attended his workshops before as well as final year students of the New Zealand School of Acupuncture. First preference, however will go towards previous attendees of his workshops. 

Various aspects of the traditional needling and moxibustion techniques will be reviewed, demonstrated and then practised by each other at the workshop. 

Obtaining the diagnosis involves abdominal palpation and part of this workshop will look at this aspect of traditional Japanese acupuncture. The weekend teaching will enable one being able to feel for warmth present at different areas on the torso, being able to distinguish between “resistance to pressure” and “pain upon pressure” as well as identifying “focal distention” and “tightness“.

Putting an acupuncture treatment protocol together after collating all diagnostic information  provided by the signs and symptoms, pulse, palpation and observation will be demystified; so that one will be able to perform “root” treatments on the various patterns of Lung, Spleen, Liver and Kidney deficiency syndromes. 

On the Sunday, Alan will be treating a few patients specially selected for the workshop where he will go through the full diagnosis and explaining the treatment rationale. (Attendees of the seminar can contact me if they have any of their patients in mind to be treated at the seminar) 

Practitioners will be able to apply these extremely effective, primarily gentle treatment techniques in their clinic immediately. 

What are the details of the venue and costs?

Venue:  NZ School of Acupuncture 382 Manukau Rd Epsom- ROOM 5

Time: Saturday and Sunday 11-12th February 2017. (9am -4pm)

Cost: $400

Previous Attendees of The Acupuncture Clinic sponsored seminars: $300

Students of NZSATCM: $200  

CPE Approved for 12 hours by Acupuncture NZ

Payments by direct debit  to 12 3057 0154522 00 

Cancellation Policy

It is a practical workshop and numbers attending are limited. A $100 deposit can secure a place in the seminar but is non refundable. Paying attendees cancelling up until the 7th February will be refunded 75% of the registration fee. After this date, there will be no refund. 

Who can I talk to about the seminar if I have any questions? 

Call me, Heiko Lade 021 868 138

Are there any accommodation suggestions if I am travelling to attend the seminar?

The Epsom Motel 232 Green Lane West and ask for Hash and quote the Alan Jansson Seminar for a discount.

About Heiko Lade

Hi, I'm Heiko Lade - qualified acupuncturist at The Acupuncture Clinic in Hastings, New Zealand. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please contact me.


  1. Hello Heiko, how does one register for Alan Jansen. I attended his weekend in Napier a number of years ago.
    I can pay on line and want to register. Thanks Jamila

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