Journal Articles

Qi Gong by Wally Simpson

This article first appeared in the Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine in the December 2000 issue written by Wally Simpson. What is Qi Gong? Qi Gong practice can be traced back to at least 400 AD, though there are hints of it dating back 3000 years.First the name Qi Gong can be broken into Oi ... Continue Reading >>

Orifice opening and related herbs in psychiatric practice- Dr Leon Hammer

The journal article originally appeared in the Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine Spring 1995 No. 5 edition. This paper concerns itself with the use of herbs to treat those psychological disorders which are rooted in the dysfunction of Heart Fire energies. While the emphasis here is on the Orifice ... Continue Reading >>

The Governor Vessel by Edward Obaidey

This article originally appeared in the Pacific Journal of Chinese Medicine,  in the Autumn Edition of 1995.Edward Obaidey lives and practices acupuncture in Tokyo and can be contacted here.The Governor vessel originates in the uterus for women and the kidneys for men, it then emerges between the ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture Therapy for High Fever Caused by Exopathy: A Study of 79 Cases

This article first appeared in the Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine in the winter issue of 1994. It was written  by Zhang Xiaoling and Zhang Xiaofei and translated by G. Lunay. In general, high fevers from most causes respond equally well to Traditional Chinese Medicine or to Western Medicine. ... Continue Reading >>

An article by John Black that North and South magazine refused to publish

John Black is as rare as hens teeth, as he is one of few westerners from New Zealand who has studied traditional Chinese medicine full time in a Chinese university.Before going to live and study in China he learnt mandarin at Victoria University in Wellington.After spending many years in Shandong at ... Continue Reading >>

The Role of the San Jiao by Russell Shaw

This article first appeared in the Australian Chinese medicine Education Research Council Newsletter Volume 4, edition 4. Steve Clavey, the past editor of the newsletter has given us kind permission to make it available from The Acupuncture Clinic website.  It was written by Russell Shaw when he ... Continue Reading >>

Psoriasis- based on an article by Dr. Jiang (Translated into German by Walter Geiger)

This journal article first appeared in the Journal of the Australian Chinese Medicine Education and Research Council in volume 4, edition # 2.   It has been translated into English by Bettina Brill, a Melbourne based TCM practitioner and co-editor of the Lantern, a leading internationally ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture vs Botox by Sam Corban

Foreword by Heiko Lade:This journal article was originally entitled Acupuncture vs Botox: How does Acupuncture compare to Botulinum Neurotoxin A for cosmetic purposes and was written by Sam Corban who became an New Zealand Register of Aupuncturists member in 2007 and wrote this article for the ... Continue Reading >>

Die Da Tang 跌 打 汤 Traumatology formulas – By Heiko Lade

Foreword: The basis of this article originally appeared in a past edition of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Newsletter. This article is an educational article specifically for registered or licensed practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Patients seeking help with ... Continue Reading >>

The Origins of the Wu Xing – By Brian May and Takako Tomoda

Forward by Heiko Lade: This article originally appeared in the Journal of the Australian Chinese Medicine Education and Research Council, Ltd Vol 4:2, February 1999, and is reprinted here with the kind permission of the ex secretariat Steve Clavey, who is currently editor in chief of The ... Continue Reading >>