Acupuncture for Lunatics

Historically, a lunatic according Wikipedia, is someone who had madness or epilepsy which were regarded as diseases caused by the moon. Philosophers as far back as Aristotle, said that the full moon induced disorders that would be regarded in  todays terms as something similar to bipolar. The ... Continue Reading >>

2017 Never too late for the year of the Rooster

Just when you thought all the hype from the Year of the Rooster was long and gone, I thought I would reactivate it. After all, there is still at least most of the year to go.What predictions do we have from the various experts?A recurring theme is to not change jobs and that here will be ... Continue Reading >>

Matt Callison presents Assessment and Treatment of Lower Leg Injuries: June 24-25 (2017)

Matt Callison is the President of AcuSport Seminars  in the USA and is one of primary lecturers at the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification Program in the United States. He first presented at the NZRA AGM Conference in Hamilton in 2002 and has since then delivered a number of seminars ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for A-Z

The Acupuncture Clinic receives many inquiries as to what conditions acupuncture is actually used for.   Many people have the limited idea that it is only be used to treat back pain or weight loss. In fact acupuncture treatment  is used to address  numerous complaints. Michelle Chetty, office ... Continue Reading >>

Mike Yin talks with Heiko Lade and Ken Morrrison about acupuncture for Christmas bloat on Radio Kidnappers-Tune in at Radio Kidnappers Tuesday 27th Dec 11am on 1431AM or 104.7 FM

Mike Yin, acupuncturist, has recently moved to New Zealand with his wife and daughter and is now a practising member of Acupuncture New Zealand. We took the opportunity to have him on our show when he visited  Hawkes Bay with his family. He stems from a long family lineage of acupuncturists and ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Lymphedema

In normal circumstances tissue fluids that are located in between the cell spaces are  moved by the lymphatic system to prevent build up. In the event of the lymphatic system not functioning as it should, fluid can build up causing edema. In severe cases it can lead to lymphedema. Causes of ... Continue Reading >>