Weight Loss

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Gains Popularity

The International  Journal of Obesity  recently reported that there were now over 31 studies that have researched the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of weight loss. The results demonstrated and  proved that acupuncture significantly reduced body fat and the results were actually ... Continue Reading >>

Best Acupuncture Point for Weight Loss

Many patients coming to The Acupuncture Clinic ask to have the best acupuncture point needled to help them lose weight quickly. Unfortunately it is not as simple and straight forward as that. There are many causes of weight gain and therefore all patients need to be assessed individually to ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Weight Loss

New research has confirmed that Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can tackle obesity and does not have the dangerous side effects that pharmaceuticals produce. Obesity has also become a problem in China over the past 20 years because of the increased affluence and with that an increase in ... Continue Reading >>

Jennifer Lopez uses Acupuncture for Weight Loss

OK! magazine has revealed that Jennifer Lopez uses acupuncture for weight loss.  In fact more and more Hollywood film stars are regular patients at acupuncture clinics and seeking treatment for weight loss and facial rejuvenation.In addition to acupuncture, Jennifer is also taking Chinese herbs ... Continue Reading >>

The Science behind Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Many patients coming to The Acupuncture Clinic often inquire as to what actually physiologically happens inside the body to cause the weight loss that acupuncture achieves. New research reported in the April 2012 Scientific World Journal helps explain the phenomena.  The weight ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture Proven to Help For Weight Loss

Acupuncture for weight loss has often been questioned as to whether it is scientifically valid even though millions have had benefit from the effects of acupuncture for weight loss. However in the May 2012 edition of Obesity Reviews, researchers have just announced that weight loss can be obtained ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

In Chinese medicine there is a saying. “Fat people have phlegm and skinny people have fire”. This ancient saying gives us the strategy and treatment principles how to treat obesity and stimulate weight loss. Phlegm is not just in the lungs in Chinese medical thought, but phlegm can store in the ... Continue Reading >>