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The Acupuncture Clinic – ON AIR with Heiko Lade

The Acupuncture Clinic  has its own radio show where I will be talking with various people associated in the acupuncture field. There are a number of  interesting shows planned ahead with the series kicking off with an interview with the principal and founder of the New Zealand School of ... Continue Reading >>

Mike Yin talks with Heiko Lade and Ken Morrrison about acupuncture for Christmas bloat on Radio Kidnappers-Tune in at Radio Kidnappers Tuesday 27th Dec 11am on 1431AM or 104.7 FM

Mike Yin, acupuncturist, has recently moved to New Zealand with his wife and daughter and is now a practising member of Acupuncture New Zealand. We took the opportunity to have him on our show when he visited  Hawkes Bay with his family. He stems from a long family lineage of acupuncturists and ... Continue Reading >>

Ken Morrison talks with Griselda Mason and Heiko Lade about World Spine Day- Tune in at Radio Kidnappers Tuesday 18th October 11am on 1431AM or 104.7 FM

Ken morrison, well known DJ from Hawkes Bay, talks with Griselda Mason of the Hastings Chiropractic Clinic about the spine and how it can be treated with chiropractic techniques. Heiko Lade is now working alongside with chiropractor Griselda Mason and Ken Morrison will interview them in a special ... Continue Reading >>

Ken Morrison talks tinnitus with Heiko Lade 23rd Aug 2016 1431AM or 104.7FM

Ken Morrison will continue his string of interviews with Heiko Lade and this time he will be discussing the treatment of tinnitus with acupuncture.Tune into Radio Kidnappers on Tuesday 23rd August at 11am and find out what the different causes of tinnitus are from a traditional Chinese medicine ... Continue Reading >>

Ken Morrison and Heiko Lade talk High Blood Pressure and Acupuncture 9th August 2016 Radio Kidnappers 1431AM or 104.7FM

Ken Morrison, well known Hawkes Bay DJ and manager of Radio Kidnappers will be discussing with Heiko lade the latest research on acupuncture and high blood pressure.Tune in on Tuesday 9th August at 11am and find out how many billions of dollars is spent each year because of problems associated with ... Continue Reading >>

World Acupuncture Awareness Week 2015 – Radio Show with Heiko Lade

It is World Acupuncture Awareness Week November 16-22. Acupuncture NZ and many of its members are helping promote the benefits of acupuncture throughout the country.Here in Hawkes Bay there is a lot going on as part of it. I am hosting a radio show each morning at 9am on Radio Kidnappers 1431AM and ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Michael Goodhue on the benefits of qi gong

Michael Goodhue has had a background in the corporate world and used physical sports like squash and cycling as well as running to keep himself fit and healthy. He was introduced to qi gong over ten years ago and has never looked back. There are many different styles and forms of qi gong and ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Thomas Lin

Thomas Lin migrated from China to New Zealand in 1994 and first started working as an acupuncturist in Palmerston North before moving to Christchurch in 1996. When he first went into practise he had a lot to learn about the differences in dealing with New Zealanders and Chinese. He will talk to us ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Tracey Bourner PhD, winner of William Wong Doo Award

Tracey came to NZ from England in 1993 to work as a biologist, having completed a BSc in Biochemistry, MSc, and PhD in Applied Biology.  Tracey was one of the first students to enroll at the acupuncture college in Christchurch when it first opened in 1999, studying both acupuncture and ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Belinda Falconar- Wellington based acupuncturist and council member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc

Belinda started off her working career in the stressful corporate world which led her to becoming totally  burnt out. In her quest to get her health back on track again, she looked into alternative treatment therapies which then led her to the study of acupuncture.She hasn't looked back since ... Continue Reading >>