Chinese Herbs at Least Twice as Good as Drugs for Fertility

Chinese Herbs and Text Book

Chinese Herbs and Ancient Medical Text

The truth is slowly starting to come out about the ineffectiveness of modern pharmaceuticals in the treatment of many diseases. Drugs being used for fertility enhancement are no exception. In 2012 pharmaceutical giants, including GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson and Johnson were fined over 11 Billion dollars for falsifying research results and then continuing to sell their  drugs full well knowing they were having serious adverse side effects.

On the other hand, Chinese herbs for fertility enhancement has been used for  over two thousand years and it  is unlikely that Chinese herbalists have been falsifying their effectiveness for centuries and still getting away with it. Patients saw and reported their own results and the success of Chinese herbs was promoted  by word of mouth. Chinese medicine gynecology has been a recognised specialist area of Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. The Complete Book of Effective Prescriptions for Diseases of Women was published in 1237 A.D. and is still in use today.

Recently,  researchers did a meta-analysis and reviewed cohort studies and found that Chinese herbs when compared to western medical drug therapy were at least twice and up to three and half times more effective in achieving pregnancy outcomes. And this postive result was achieved with the patients only taking Chinese herbs  for four months.

Chinese herbal medicine practitioners require additional specialist training on top of their acupuncture training and now there are even specialist masters programs in women’s health being taught from the Australian universities.

Success on achieving conception using Chinese herbs depends on many factors, of which the age of the mum is most important.  Older women have less eggs and hormones which in Chinese medicine terms equates to  decreased Qi (energy),  diminished Jing (constitutional strength or esence) and weaker  blood. There are  Chinese herbs that have the specific function to tonify and increase the energy, jing  and blood and thus help the declining biological clock.

Australian and New Zealand Chinese medicine practitioners specializing in fertility such as Steve Clavey in Melbourne, Jane Lyttelton in Sydney, Andrew Orr in Jamboree Heights and Katrina Gascoyne in Wellington would see their patients on average over a 4 to 18 month time frame. Unfortunately many women in the West using Chinese herbs for fertility often only try for one or two months before their IVF procedure.

Chinese medicine aims to restore health and balance to the whole person and not just address one symptom, such as infertility. Patients partaking in a Chinese medicine course of treatment for fertility often report improvement in mood, energy, skin, sleep, bowels, and menstrual cycles to name just a few benefits.

The option to take pharmaceuticals is still there, if you think they will help.

The British Medical Journal has confirmed that  Pharmaceutical  Industry funded research is 20 times more likely to give a favorable result of the test drug. In addition, only one out of seven medical research studies ever get released because the other six are unfavourable and demonstrate that the drugs are no better than a placebo.  You have the option to consider a medicine that has been successfully used for over  two thousand years and whose popularity is growing at an exponential level. Chinese herbal medicine is available at The Acupuncture Clinic– Napier. If you have any questions, please contact Heiko Lade who  has a masters degree in traditional Chinese  medicine  and is a former lecturer in Chinese herbs and gynaecology.

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  1. Fabulous article thanks Heiko!!
    Nicole from Conceptshen

    • Andrew Orr says:

      Great article Heiko. Keep up the great work. So great top see information like this getting out there to people.
      Dr Andrew Orr (Shen Therapies)
      Doctor of TCM, Masters of Reproductive Medicine

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