Electro-Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Electro acupunctureChronic fatigue is sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and is a condition that is now also seen in modern day China as well as the West. Moxibustion, a technique used by acupuncturists has already shown to be effective in improving this condition. Modern research has now also demonstrated that electro-acupuncture is beneficial in treating chronic fatigue. The researchers combined modern medical thinking with ancient acupuncture healing techniques to devise a treatment that improved the outcome.

The rating scale used by David S. Bell in his book, A doctors guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, was used as the recording measure. Patients averaged having chronic fatigue for four years and experienced the following symptoms.


Memory loss

Sore throat

Swollen glands

Muscle pain

Joint pain



The main acupuncture points used in the research were the Hua Tuo paravertebral back points. These acupuncture points have many uses including the treatment of many sports injuries and are in fact highly recommended by Sports Medicine Acupuncture specialist Matt Callison. Because of their close proximity to the spine, the Hua Tuo paravertebral points influence the central nervous system and this is enhanced with the electric impulses from the electro-acupuncture. It is believed that chronic fatigue syndrome is viral which affects the central nervous system. The research aimed to treat the central nervous system with the specialist acupuncture protocol and then do an analysis on the outcomes.

There was marked improvement in over 50% of subjects. The Hua Tuo acupuncture points also traditionally treat the brain including depression and memory problems which is of great benefit to chronic fatigue sufferers.

Western medicine has no known effective treatment for this condition.

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