Ken Morrison talks tinnitus with Heiko Lade 23rd Aug 2016 1431AM or 104.7FM

Ken Morrison well known Hawkes Bay DJ

Ken Morrison well known Hawkes Bay DJ

Ken Morrison will continue his string of interviews with Heiko Lade and this time he will be discussing the treatment of tinnitus with acupuncture.

Tune into Radio Kidnappers on Tuesday 23rd August at 11am and find out what the different causes of tinnitus are from a traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic perspective.

The liver, the gall bladder or the kidneys could be the cause of tinnitus and Heiko will outline some of the other symptoms associated with having an imbalance with these organs.

As usual, Ken will add some music to break up the show and hopefully you won’t get tinnitus from the songs selected. 

You can read more about tinnitus and acupuncture here.

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