Mike Yin talks with Heiko Lade and Ken Morrrison about acupuncture for Christmas bloat on Radio Kidnappers-Tune in at Radio Kidnappers Tuesday 27th Dec 11am on 1431AM or 104.7 FM

Mike Yin is a special guest at Radio Kidnappers

Mike Yin is a special guest at Radio Kidnappers

Mike Yin, acupuncturist, has recently moved to New Zealand with his wife and daughter and is now a practising member of Acupuncture New Zealand.

We took the opportunity to have him on our show when he visited  Hawkes Bay with his family.

He stems from a long family lineage of acupuncturists and brings many generations of acupuncture expertise to New Zealand.

Heiko Lade will also be organising some acupuncture workshops and seminars with Mike Yin where he will demonstrate and teach his particular family style of moxibustion to other members of Acupuncture New Zealand. It is also hoped that Mike Yin will be a guest speaker at this Acupuncture New Zealand Annual Conference in Wellington in August.

Acupuncture New Zealand will be  celebrating their 40th Anniversary in August 2017.

So tune into Radio Kidnappers 1431AM or 104.7 FM Tuesday 27th December, 11am and find out more about Mike Yin and how acupuncture can help bloating and other digestive disorders. He will also reveal a few secrets of how Chinese people are just as guilty as Westerners when it comes to overeating. Mike is yet to experience his first Christmas in New Zealand and will then have first hand knowledge, who can eat more, Westerners or Chinese. 

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