Introductory talk on Acupuncture 19th May 2016

Heiko Lade will be giving an introductory talk on acupuncture at the Hastings Chiropractic Clinic, 206 Charles St, Hastings on Thursday 19th May at 6:45 p.m. The talk will begin with a brief introduction explaining the study involved in becoming an acupuncturist. The term TCM (Traditional Chinese ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture, Jing and Stem Cells by John Kennedy

Many patients ask me if acupuncture can help improve he constitution or be used to treat chronic type problems that may have a genetic predisposition.We ask John Kennedy, a practising acupuncturist and herbalist based in Masterton who has a specialist interest in this topic.John's contact details ... Continue Reading >>

2016 The Year of Monkeypuncture

Many patients ask me what significance the Year of the Monkey will have for their health and other life matters such as love, finances and travel. Chinese astrology has historically had a relationship with Taoism, a Chinese philosophy.Taoism is said to have flourished in the Han dynasty starting ... Continue Reading >>

History of Tai Chi by Corey Waterreus

T'ai-chi chuan (also spelled taijiquan and taiji chuan) is an ancient Chinese martial art that comes in so many variations that it's often confusing to the layman.  Some styles can  trace their lineage back to the founding of the art, while others date back to the early part of the 20th ... Continue Reading >>

Latest Chinese Herbs research on dementia should benefit the shareholders of Shineway Pharmaceutical Group

The end of 2015 has a seen a new study being commenced in Sydney to ascertain if a Chinese herbal formula may benefit people afflicted with dementia. This research has had a mixed response from the general Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) profession which is now part of Australian Practitioner ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture or Moxibustion for Rotator Cuff Tear?

Rotator cuff tears are a common injury and are covered by the New Zealand government's injury insurance scheme, ACC. With the growing trend of middle aged and elderly people taking up weight training at the gym, it is likely that there has been  an increase in this type of injury. Sometimes this ... Continue Reading >>