Heiko Lade interviews Selwyn Wong Doo, who operates the longest running acupuncture practice in New Zealand

Selwyn Wong Doo, well known Auckland acupuncturist

Selwyn Wong-Doo is the son of William Wong-Doo, who was taught acupuncture by monks in a Chinese monastery in the early twentieth century. William’s knowledge and experience of acupuncture was passed onto Selwyn and his sister Anne, who then carried on the tradition of running a practice in ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs for lunch

Albert Zhang and Professor Gao Li Shan

The Acupuncture Clinic consulted with Albert Zhang of Auckland as to what is a nice tasting Chinese herb soup that could be eaten at lunch and something that is good for you too. Chinese herbs when taken as medicine do have the reputation of tasting bitter and people rarely like the taste of them ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Thomas Lin

Thomas Lin

Thomas Lin migrated from China to New Zealand in 1994 and first started working as an acupuncturist in Palmerston North before moving to Christchurch in 1996. When he first went into practise he had a lot to learn about the differences in dealing with New Zealanders and Chinese. He will talk to ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese herbs for breakfast

Black rice breakfast

Many people inquire at The Acupuncture Clinic about what they could have for breakfast that is healthy. According to traditional Chinese medicine principles, there are many foods that could be eaten at breakfast and this is just one example. All the ingredients can be obtained easily and ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Tracey Bourner PhD, winner of William Wong Doo Award

Tracey Bourner (centre) receiving the Wong Doo Award 2014

Tracey came to NZ from England in 1993 to work as a biologist, having completed a BSc in Biochemistry, MSc, and PhD in Applied Biology.  Tracey was one of the first students to enroll at the acupuncture college in Christchurch when it first opened in 1999, studying both acupuncture and ... Continue Reading >>

Heiko Lade interviews Suzanne Tapper, Christchurch based practitioner specialising in fertility enhancement

Suzanne Tapper

Suzanne Tapper is an Honours Masters graduate from the University of Western Sydney who now specialises in acupuncture and Chinese herbs for fertility enhancement. With over ten years of lecturing experience and as a peer reviewed author, she is now well sought after as a speaker at conferences ... Continue Reading >>