Acupuncture for the Ice Age

It was back in  1982 when  John McDonald was teaching me acupuncture  in Sydney, that he told us students in class, “ Don’t tell your patients to ice their ankle sprain”. We all had been successfully brainwashed at that time to believe that icing a sprain was the norm. However, it is not the norm ... Continue Reading >>

Ken Morrison talks with Griselda Mason and Heiko Lade about World Spine Day- Tune in at Radio Kidnappers Tuesday 18th October 11am on 1431AM or 104.7 FM

Ken morrison, well known DJ from Hawkes Bay, talks with Griselda Mason of the Hastings Chiropractic Clinic about the spine and how it can be treated with chiropractic techniques. Heiko Lade is now working alongside with chiropractor Griselda Mason and Ken Morrison will interview them in a special ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for the Spine

This year World Spine Day falls on October 16th and I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss how acupuncture has been used over the centuries in the treatment of the spine. The ancient Chinese medical text, the Nei Jing, states that the spleen controls the spine. This is exemplified in ... Continue Reading >>

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Workshop: 2017 Auckland Feb 11-12 – with Alan Jansson

Alan Jansson returns to New Zealand  for his seventh workshop presentation here ! This practical orientated workshop will be held at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture in Epsom, Manukau Road. Alan has studied under Ikeda Sensei for over 20 years and runs two very busy and successful practices ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Ganglion Cysts

The cause for ganglion cysts from a western medical point of view is still unknown. Theorists have hypothesized that an injury or overuse lead to tissue breakdown in the local area and this debris keeps building up causing a larger and larger lump. This excess tissue then bulges out through the ... Continue Reading >>

Ken Morrison talks tinnitus with Heiko Lade 23rd Aug 2016 1431AM or 104.7FM

Ken Morrison will continue his string of interviews with Heiko Lade and this time he will be discussing the treatment of tinnitus with acupuncture.Tune into Radio Kidnappers on Tuesday 23rd August at 11am and find out what the different causes of tinnitus are from a traditional Chinese medicine ... Continue Reading >>