Acupuncture for Migraine

Acupuncture for MigraineThe effects and symptoms of Migraine were recorded in Chinese medical texts centuries before Western medicine classified them. Interestingly, Western medicine research only recently has confirmed the link between migraines and strokes. This is why in classic Chinese medical texts the authors stressed the importance of curing migraine so as to prevent the possible future complication of having a stroke.

Still today from an allopathic view, there is no effective cure for migraines and Western medicine can still only offer drugs to control the attacks. There are a number of causes in Chinese medical terms that lead to migraines with the Liver being the most common one. In simplified terms, the Liver is made up of yin and yang which can be interpreted as water and fire. If the fire component becomes out of balance, fire rises and goes to the head. In the natural environment heat rises and the same happens in the human body. When the Liver heats up some its fire goes sideways and causes nausea and vomiting. In Chinese medicine there is a saying “When you lie down, the blood flows back to the Liver”. This is why for many migraine sufferers; the only thing that really helps is to sleep it off. The reason for this is because lying flat allows the blood in the Liver to balance its fire and water again.

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  1. Heiko Lade says:

    It sounds like the cause of your migraines is coming from the Liver. I suggest seeing a qualified acupuncturist, let me know where you are, which country, and perhaps I can advise. Start treatment when ever you can and get regular sessions, usually once or twice a week will be sufficient. The idea is to get your health, in your case, probably your liver health, harmonised to prevent the migraine attacks. You may still get migraine attacks during the course of the treatment and then if possible, try to get the clinic on the day of the attack. Some acupuncture points for migraine are on the head and they may be useful at the time of treatment. If you really don’t want to be touched on the head at the time of the migraine, just let the acupuncturist know. Many other points on the arms and legs are also used in migraine treatment.

  2. “I have been having migraines for many years, on and off, sometimes I get none for a few months, then twice a week. There is no pattern. However leading up to the migraine I get a very stiff and sore neck and then wake up with slightly blurry vision and by the  afternoon it will be a full blown migraine. I have tried various medications, but they actually cause more nausea. I have stopped coffee and tea and chockolate but it didn’t make a difference. Sleeping it off is actually the only thing that helps and luckily I have a good boss who just accepts that. Usually just one good long sleep will do it. Should I get acupuncture when I am having the migraine attack or before? Where do you put the needles. When I am having an attack, the last place I would want to be touched is the head. Do you put needles in the head!

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