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Acupuncture for Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Polymyalgia-commonly-affects-women-over-60-and-acupuncture-can help

Polymyalgia rheumatica is often just referred to as polymyalgia and is regarded an arthritic condition causing pain and stiffness in muscles of the shoulder, neck, lower back, buttocks and thighs. The condition has a 50% chance of being associated with temporal arthritis where the arteries of the ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

Acupuncture can help for pain relief of TMJ syndrome

When there is pain in the jaw at the area of the temporomandibular joint it is commonly diagnosed as TMJ Syndrome. Other symptoms can include  grinding of teeth, clicking of the jaw, facial asymmetry and limited range of movement when opening the jaw. Acupuncture for TMJ problems and other ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Piriformis Syndrome

Matt Callison, President of ACUSport Seminars USA, about to needle Hua Tuo Jia Ji acupuncture points in the treatment of piriformis syndrome

Acupuncture for Piriformis Syndrome can help because it can reduce inflammation and improve local micro circulation, thereby reducing muscle stiffness. Piriformis Syndrome comes about because the sciatic nerve is entrapped as it exits the greater sciatic notch in the buttock area. There are a ... Continue Reading >>

Psoriasis- based on an article by Dr. Jiang (Translated into German by Walter Geiger)

Bettina Brill is a Melbourne based TCM practitioner and translated this article

This journal article first appeared in the Journal of the Australian Chinese Medicine Education and Research Council in volume 4, edition # 2.   It has been translated into English by Bettina Brill, a Melbourne based TCM practitioner and co-editor of the Lantern, a leading internationally ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for posterior presentation

Acupuncture will help more than wishful thinking to turn a posterior baby position

Acupuncture and moxibustion can help for both breech and posterior position of the baby during pregnancy. Dr Debra Betts, PhD, author of The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth has had many years of experience in observing results in the treatment of malposition of babies ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help for anxiety during pregnancy

There are many mental symptoms that may be classified as anxiety and depression that could be experienced during pregnancy. These include crying for no reason, overwhelming irritability or feelings of butterflies in the stomach. Other women complain of insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitations, or even ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Haemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can provide relief for haemorrhoids during pregnancy

Haemorrhoids are often accompanied with constipation and may be complicated with the pressure of the foetus pressing on the bowel. There may also be bleeding caused by the haemorroids as well as itching. More than fifty percent of women can have haemorrhoids and it is more common in the second and ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture Treatment for Insomnia during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help for insomnia experienced during pregnancy

From a western medical viewpoint, certain pregnancy related symptoms like heart burn, nausea and general stress may be contributing factors leading to sleeping problems during pregnancy. The medical treatment for insomnia that is experienced during pregnancy, is very  limited and women are usually ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Anaemia during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help for tiredness from anaemia experienced during during pregnancy

There are a number of causes of anaemia with iron deficiency anaemia being the most common. During pregnancy, women can be more prone to iron deficiency anaemia at the 20 week period and in the last four to six weeks. Factors such as poor eating habits or having a history of repeated miscarriages ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help for back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes changes in the hormonal system. In particular, altered progesterone levels  can have an effect on the ligaments of the body. This is why even in early stages of pregnancy, before the weight of the growing baby has a chance to put strain on the musculoskeletal structure, women can ... Continue Reading >>