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Moxibustion or Acupuncture for Disc Herniation (Slipped Disc)

Moxibustion being used to help a herniated disc

Traditional Chinese medicine uses a number of methods to treat herniated disc and one of them is moxibustion.The application of moxibustion provides intense heat to the area being treated.In western medical circles, they will often suggest an ice pack but this goes against the basic Chinese medicine ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture Therapy for High Fever Caused by Exopathy: A Study of 79 Cases

Acupuncture can help high fever

This article first appeared in the Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine in the winter issue of 1994. It was written  by Zhang Xiaoling and Zhang Xiaofei and translated by G. Lunay. In general, high fevers from most causes respond equally well to Traditional Chinese Medicine or to Western Medicine. ... Continue Reading >>

An article by John Black that North and South magazine refused to publish

John Black second from the left, still eager to learn more

John Black is as rare as hens teeth, as he is one of few westerners from New Zealand who has studied traditional Chinese medicine full time in a Chinese university.Before going to live and study in China he learnt mandarin at Victoria University in Wellington.After spending many years in Shandong at ... Continue Reading >>

The Acupuncture Clinic Winter 2015 Newsletter

Winter in China- Photo by Ben Liu

Here in Napier, we actually had snow  for the first time ever and it was in the last weeks of Autumn!And now that I am writing the Winter newsletter, the weather is actually quite mild. Unpredictable weather is the norm as are unpredictable signs and symptoms affecting our health.Chinese medicine ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Diverticulitis

Chinese herbs and acupuncture can help for diverticulitis

Diverticulitis can cause cramping and  pain in the lower left region of the abdomen.The large intestine can develop small pouches that bulge out like little sacs and these are called diverticula.As we age, the bowel develops more and more diverticula and then this is called diverticulosis.In fact, ... Continue Reading >>

Matt Callison-Special guest lecture at NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM: Kidney Qi Deficiency (Shen Qi Xu) and Low Back Pain; Friday May 29th 2015

Matt Callison presenting for the first time in New Zealand in Hamilton in 2002

Matt Callison first  lectured in New Zealand when he was invited to be the keynote speaker at the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc annual conference in Hamilton in 2002.  Since then, he has presented workshops in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne and is presenting again at ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Intracranial Hypertension

Acupuncture can be used to help relieve the presure from intracranial hypertension

Intracranial hypertension occurs  as a result of increased pressure around the brain. It results in headache, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes there may be severe visual disturbance, which in extreme cases can include blindness. There are two types of intracranial hypertension. One where the cause is ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture treatment for disc herniation

Acupuncture treatment for herniated disc is covered by the ACC- New Zealand's government injury insurance scheme

The Acupuncture Clinic gets many inquiries as to how acupuncture treatment for disc herniation can help because people think that there needs to be  some kind of manual intervention to put the disc back into the correct position.When a disc of the spine herniates, it releases fluid which irritates ... Continue Reading >>

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Heart Palpitations

Acupuncture can help for heart palpitations

Heart palpitations can refer to the sensation of the heart skipping a beat and is sometimes described  by patients as their heart “Flip Flopping”. The heart  can also be racing and even pounding. It is important to know if the palpitations are associated with coronary heart disease, hyperthyroidism, ... Continue Reading >>

The Role of the San Jiao by Russell Shaw

Russell Shaw now practices in Melbourne

This article first appeared in the Australian Chinese medicine Education Research Council Newsletter Volume 4, edition 4. Steve Clavey, the past editor of the newsletter has given us kind permission to make it available from The Acupuncture Clinic website.  It was written by Russell Shaw when he ... Continue Reading >>