Acupuncture Improves Sperm Quality

Acupuncture improves sperm qualityMuch research has already confirmed that acupuncture can help women with fertility issues but what about men and low sperm count. Could acupuncture help men? Research has now shown that acupuncture for improving sperm quality is successful and there are other benefits as well. Acupuncture is non evasive, simple and does not have the dangerous side effects that human chorionic gonadotropin has. Ancient Chinese physicians have been using acupuncture for centuries to increase libido and promote fertility so it is only natural that research confirmed that it increased the sperm count. The journal, Fertility and Sterility, has published the results of a trial where it reported that acupuncture significantly increases the number of normal sperm cells as well as  reducing  sperm structural defects.

Now men can make a choice between the risk of a blood clots from the side effects of gonadotropin or having their sperm quality improved naturally with acupuncture.

The results were achieved with only 2 acupuncture treatments per week over a 5 week period. The research was performed using a standardized protocol of acupuncture points so that it would easier for researchers to compare it to the control group. In reality though, in an actual acupuncture practice, results would be expected to be much better because treatments would be tailor made for the individual’s unique diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine.

For example, in some cases, sperm quality could be improved by addressing the male patient’s spleen energy and other cases may require the liver to be treated. Patients often ask Heiko Lade at The Acupuncture Clinic, why the kidneys are treated in male fertility issues. The answer is quite simple; the kidneys are connected to the urination organs, the bladder, which is in turn part of the sexual organs. Hence by improving kidney function the libido and sperm count is also improved.

Acupuncture is not without side effects though. Patients need to be warned that they will experience more energy, a deeper improved sleep, increased mental clarity and concentration as well as a general improvement  in their  well being.

Chinese herbs for sperm count are also used to improve the fertility level of men.

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