Tennis Elbow

ACC and Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow

Acupuncture for tennis elbow is covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) of New Zealand. Most of the acupuncture treatment costs will be covered for  up to 22 sessions  from acupuncturists who are members of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc. (NZRA). Each acupuncture ... Continue Reading >>

Electro-Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is sometimes referred to as tenosynovitis of the elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Patients seeking acupuncture for tennis elbow do so mainly because of pain and acupuncture treatment  is covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in New Zealand. Acupuncture specialist, Mr ... Continue Reading >>

Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow

This condition  is commonly referred to as lateral epicondylitis in the medical fraternity and acupuncture for tennis elbow has been found by research to be an effective treatment. Fundamentally, this condition has pain at the outside of the elbow usually after some kind of trauma. It is common with ... Continue Reading >>