Chinese Herbs Better Than Drugs for Endometriosis

Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis is a common complaint experienced in 10% of women. Cells develop abnormally on the outside of the uterus lining and cause pelvic pain.  The pain can  even cause throbbing pain dragging down into the legs. Internal scarring also develops and contributes to even more pain. Women with endometriosis also have problems with conceiving and research confirms acupuncture for fertility works.

Researchers have now revealed that Chinese herbal medicine is on equal par to medication prescribed for endometriosis or is even better. Not only is Chinese herbal medicine more effective than the drugs, there are far fewer side effects when using Chinese herbs. There is no single magic Chinese herb or herbal formula to treat endometriosis but the herbs are designed and selected to individually address the patient’s unique symptom pattern and constitution. Chinese herbal medicine requires additional specialist training on top of acupuncture training and requires at least four years full training. In Australia now with National Chinese Medicine Registration in place, practitioners must be registered to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a saying; one formula can treat 100 diseases and the same complaint has 100 formulas. The reason the pharmaceutical drugs score poorly is because they only address one symptom where Chinese herbal medicine will address all the symptoms associated with endometriosis. Some of the other symptoms associated with endometriosis can include constipation, chronic fatigue, urination problems, rectal pain and has associated risks with fibromyalgia and auto immune diseases.

Listed below are just some of the unwanted side effects of the medication Gestrinone which is used for endometriosis.


Low libido


Weight gain

Reduced breast size

Male body hair growth

Spotting between menstrual cycles

Chinese herbal medicine has none of those side effects and research has shown that in fact the herbs works better. In addition to the Chinese herbal medicine balancing the hormonal system and providing pain relief, fertility levels are enhanced and patients experience increased well being and improved mood.

Acupuncture for endometriosis is also recommended.


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