Acupuncture for A-Z

Acupuncture A-Z

Acupuncture A-Z

The Acupuncture Clinic receives many inquiries as to what conditions acupuncture is actually used for.  

Many people have the limited idea that it is only be used to treat back pain or weight loss. In fact acupuncture treatment  is used to address  numerous complaints.

Michelle Chetty, office manager of Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic in Auckland  also receives numerous calls asking what acupuncture can treat and over the years has come up with the simple answer. She says  “Acupuncture most nearly treats everything that you would go to the doctor for“.

Below is a small list of some of the conditions that people have sought acupuncture for. 

For an even more extensive list of what conditions acupuncture can be used for, please visit The Acupuncture clinic – all conditions treated.

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